Aesthetics Post: Gryffindor

Yay new aesthetics post! Two in one day. Maybe three. We’ll see. This time it’s Gryffindor!!! Let’s all Dumbledore clap for the bravest of all in Hogwarts. Gryffindor is a great house to be in and it’s one of my favs besides my own Hufflepuff house. I’m always more of a waffle eating, hug it out Hufflepuff rather than a let’s go save the world Gryffindor but I can appreciate you guys all the same. Get hyped. Get bookish. And as always, I’m listening. -Caroline

Aesthetics post: Ravenclaw

I’m so sorry guys that I haven’t been posting much this past week. I’ve been really sick and just been resting a lot. I’m still continuing all of my read alongs and all of my review posts so don’t worry! Content will be coming. Right now I thought I’d do some aesthetics posts to cheer us all up. This one will be Ravenclaw! Woo! The wisest of all at Hogwarts. ๐Ÿ’™๐Ÿ’™๐Ÿ’™๐Ÿ’™Stay bookish. Stay hyped. And as always, I’m listening.-Caroline

Aesthetics post: Hufflepuff

*Pictures courtesy of Pinterest/We heart it*

So as some of you may know, I love doing aesthetics collages/posts/collections so I figured I’d share some of the better ones I’ve found with you. There will be multiple aesthetics posts for each theme but we’ll just start with a Hufflepuff one first. I’m a Hufflepuff married to another Puff so hufflepuff aesthetics are especially great for me. These images I feel represent Hufflepuff and each of our hufflepuff qualities. Enjoy. And as always, I’m listening.-Caroline

Neat Bookish Finds: Library Carts in Rainbow Colors Round 2

My goodness! Do y’all love these rainbow candy colored carts as much as I do? I have to say I might still have a slight obsession with them. I’ve been thinking about getting a second cart lately and it’s been on my mind constantly. I would love two carts but realistically I doubt I have the space for it…These carts I found on Amazon ranging anywhere from 30 bucks to 60 bucks and higher depending on the quality and what type you’re looking for. Some colors are harder to find than others. I already love the one I own but I always loved the thought of having more than one in a cute rainbow color to accompany my mint green one. It’s still up for debate though. But check it out. Let me know what you think. And as always, I’m listening. -Caroline

Bookish #Shelfie Post

So I know I’ve been talking a lot about my personal library and how many books I have and such. So I thought I’d show you. This isn’t all of it but it’s the best looking of the bunch for now. You can see I’m into a variety of genres and have several favorite authors. My largest collection would probably be my cozy mystery or romance collections. Nora Roberts is a fav of mine so I collect anything and everything by her. I like to style and decorate each shelf differently. I’m big on rearranging my shelves at least once a month. Maybe you’ll spot something you like. And as always, I’m listening. -Caroline

Book Recommendations: Favorite Clean Teen Fairytale Retellings

Yet another blog post tonight on one of my favorite book genres. Clean fairytale retellings! Specifically YA romance ones. I love these so much. I have a bunch that I’ve gotten very attached to this past year and my collection just keeps growing. Pretty soon all my fairytale retelling books are going to need their own book cart. (A rose gold one that I’ve had my eye on to be exact) I’m a sucker for any type of fairytale romances but especially the clean YA ones. I love the no offensive language and no sex stuff for the younger readers and it really speaks volumes. It’s just fun, quick, easy reads that are as relaxing as they are enjoyable. I hope you’ll check them out. And as always, I’m listening. -Caroline

Neat Bookish Finds: Bookish Bouquets

So I just thought I’d do a post on one of my favorite aspects of wedding planning, which is choosing your bouquet. There’s many different options and a lot of people go traditional with regular flowers and what not but I wanted something different. I wanted something I could use as a keepsake that wouldn’t fade or wilt over time. So it was all down to the choice between a bookish paper flower/book themed bouquet or a broach bouquet. It was a tough decision for me because I really loved both ideas but the last picture in the line above is what I chose which is a beautiful Harry Potter themed bouquet. 10/10 would highly recommend. All of these bouquets are from Etsy so if you’ve got your eye on one let me know. I know which ones come from which sellers. As always, credit goes to all the talented, lovely people who make these. I simply talk about them. And as always, I’m listening. -Caroline

Neat Bookish Finds: Bookish fashion

Guys! Look at how gorgeous these outfits on Etsy are! Credit goes to all of their fabulous designers and if anyone has any questions about specific outfits I’ll be happy to try and track down the seller for you. I love anything Bookish but oh my goodness these are just even more fabulous than I ever could’ve imagined. Style meets book obsession. Perfect in every way. So envious of how genius these designers are! I truly just want to add all of these to my wardrobe. But until next time, stay hyped. Stay Bookish. And as always, I’m listening. -Caroline

Neat Bookish Finds: Bookish cakes!

These stunning cakes I found all on Pinterest/We heart it. Aren’t they gorgeous?! I just typed in the search bar “bookish cakes” and this is what I found. Credit goes definitely to all the owners of these cakes and lucky they are to have the chance to have such a stunning cake! Just look at those designs! I recently got married and wanted bookish elements everywhere but alas, I did not end up getting a bookish cake but I did end up with the most stunning Harry Potter bookish themed bouquet! I’ll show it to you guys sometime. I’m sure you’ll love it. Anywho, try it sometime just search for bookish cakes (and other things!) and see what comes up. I doubt you’ll be disappointed. Until next time, and as always, I’m listening. -Caroline

Book Review: Dancing on a Moonbeam by Kate Perry

Absolutely one of my fav, romantic summer reads that I’ve read thus far! It’s so amazing. It’s a dance/ballet/music romance and it’s everything I expected and then some. The characters are beautiful. The guys are yummy. I highly recommend it for anyone who loves ballet, second chances and lots of music. It’s book 1 in the series so prepare yourselves for more. 10/10 stars and as always, I’m listening-Caroline