The Selection Series: Imagine/Dream Cast Post: Who I would cast as Prince Maxon and why

Well, caffeine plus me equals no sleep so you get yet another post tonight. And yes. More Dream Castings. So here’s the deal. I’m almost 30 and Prince Maxon has always been one of the characters in this series that I’ve had the hots for the most so when I cast the actor for him, well…He’s older. Like me. Probably shouldn’t play a teen but he did pretty well last time I saw him in something so I figured he might do well if he shaved in this. Who did I choose? Tyler Hoechlin. I thought he was all mysterious enough looking and tall, dark and handsome definitely applies to him. When I think of Prince Maxon, that’s where my mind goes first. So, take it or leave it. He’s my pick. Below is Tyler. Eat your heart out world. -Caroline

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caroline kernan-arvay

30 year old book blogger/ARC reviewer. Can find me on Tumblr, Pinterest, We Heart It, Instagram, GoodReads.

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