Reading Update and How I feel About It: Happily Ever After’s First Story, The Queen!

Okay so I finished the last book in the original Trilogy of the Selection series, book three The One just a few hours ago and then started Happily Ever After which is the companion novels to the Selection series. What I love about this novella series: Everything. Absolutely everything. It’s a fabulous companion edition that has a lot limited edition features such as exclusive art and scenes that weren’t shown in the main books. It’s perfect and I’m so glad I’m finally getting a chance to read it. The first story in this mini series is The Queen and is about Queen Amberly, her time in the Selection and King Clarkson and all of the behind the scenes with them falling in love when they were just teens. This story was a bit hard to read because of all the physical abuse that happened between Clarkson’s parents. It was sad. And I was devastated for these characters even more so when Amberly found out that she wouldn’t probably be able to have kids. But we all know that wasn’t true though because she had Prince Maxon who fell in love with our dear America. Get it? Dear? Ha. I crack myself up. Anyways, this first story really gives insights into Queen Amberly’s mind and what her feelings were for Clarkson. And his feelings for her too. She made him feel safe. She was “the center of his storm.” He was her voice of reason. And the most chilling part of the entire story was when someone casually says “Oh Amberly you’d take a bullet for him wouldn’t you?” Guess how she dies? Taking a bullet for her husband. Exactly as they said. Foreshadowing to the max and scary as all get out. Ugh. Gives me the creeps…But a lovely story nonetheless. If abuse is a trigger for you, then this would be one you wanna skip over. Otherwise you can just take it for what it is. A story about two troubled people where bad stuff happens yet they still manage to find their happily ever after. It is what it is, as my husband says. Anywho, next story in the mini series is The Prince. I’ll be reading that sometime this morning as well and I’ll let you know how it goes. Until then, happy reading. -Caroline

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