The Selection Series: Happily Ever After, The Second Story: The Prince

Hey guys! Sorry it’s been a bit since I last posted. I’ve been catching up on both Happily Ever After and Love and Gelato so it’s been a whirlwind of reading. I’m happy to report that I’m almost finished with Love and Gelato and you’ll get a nice update on that as soon as I figure out what to say. The book is so amazing I’m not quite sure how to describe it quite yet. But when I do, you’ll know. It’ll probably be a big update too. Happily Ever After is different for me. I’m reading it more slowly and savoring it before I start the Heir and the Crown spinoff series for the Selection. I’ve never really read the Happily Ever After Novella Book and it’s just amazing as well. The first story was the The Queen. The second story was The Prince about how Prince Maxon feels about everything, how he reacts before the Selection even starts and showing not only his relationship with America from his side of the story but also his relationship with his parents. What we know of Maxon’s relationship with his father is considered minimal and strained. Lot’s of abuse there. But from what I read in the Happily Ever After Story the Prince, it was amazing to see that King Clarkson wasn’t such a hard man at all. He was just stressed under lots of pressure from running the kingdom. Does that excuse the abuse? Absolutely not. But does that show that he was also trying to combat his own feelings with feelings of love for his son? Yes. So, in my opinion this story is one of the most important ones in the whole book. Also, seeing Maxon’s first impressions of the girls and of America was dare I say, priceless. America hated his guts at first but you could even tell that Maxon found that endearing. It was perfect. This book, I tell you is Gold. Pure Gold. It practically freaking glitters. If you’re going to read the Selection series be sure to pick up the Happily Ever After Novellas Book as well. It’s definitely worth the read. Anywho, the next story in the book is The Guard about our favorite castle guard and other love interest, Aspen! It tells about him making his way from being a six to all the way becoming a castle guard and trying to win back America’s heart. My hopes for this story though is that they won’t focus much on America and him but mostly on him and Lucy and how their relationship progressed to where they got married in the end. (Spoiler Alert: They do get married and have a kid in the next book. Be prepared. It’s awe inspiring. ) Well, that’s what I’m looking forward to seeing. The art on the cover of the Guard story is absolutely stunning. Like I said, it’s a must if you’re gonna do this series justice. So, let me finish this story and then I’ll get back to you guys. Until next time, happy reading. -Caroline

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