Reading Tunes: Songs for The Elite of The Crown

Once again, here’s another Reading Tunes playlist for ya but this time it’s for the guys that are Eadlyns Elite in the last book The Crown. Each guy has a few songs that reminded me of them. Not as many as Eadlyn and Henri’s are not Finnish songs but Romanian which I know is not close at all in cultures but I’m big into Romanian pop so…Yeah it’ll work for now lol. Down below is a list for each guy.-Caroline

  • Kile:
  • Finding My Way Home- MisterWives
  • Queens Don’t-Rae Lynn
  • Stronger- Britney Spears
  • Ean:
  • Red Room- Pia Mia
  • Bitter Love-Pia Mia
  • Liar-Britney Spears
  • Henri:
  • Prinde-Ma! Aprinde Ma! -Andreea Balan
  • Hungry for Love-Andreea Balan
  • O Straina -Andreea Balan
  • Fox:
  • Ocean Drive- Pia Mia
  • Don’t Wanna Leave-Jacob Latimore
  • Money Love-Andreea Balan
  • Hale:
  • Festival-Rae Lynn
  • Me Against the Music-Britney Spears
  • I’m That Chick-Andreea Balan
  • Make Me- Britney Spears
  • Eikko:
  • Ghost- Krewella
  • WildHorse- Rae Lynn
  • Reflektor- Arcade Fire
  • Cinderella-Britney Spears
  • Baby Get Up And Dance- Andreea Balan

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