Reading Update Flutter Book 3 in the My Blood Approves Series: Where I’m at and how I’m Feeling about it!

“He turned you,” Olivia said, and she reached out, caressing my cheeks. Her eyes were glazed, but her voice was low and surprisingly seductive. “And what an exquisite creature you are.”

Flutter Chapter 13 book 3 in the My Blood Approves Series by Amanda Hocking

Mmhm so everything is getting pretty sticky and serious in this chapter and onward with Jack, Alice and the gang. Alice and Ezra have saved Peter from an untimely death in the wilderness by exchanging Ezras blood life for his own. It all was rather sad and painful but they’re back now with Ezra recovering, Peter and Alice on fairly decent terms and Milo has a hot new boyfriend that just sounds yummy. It’s been a nonstop circus since Alice has turned and now Jane is missing and turned into a vampire’s slave. Things are about to get way more complicated as Alice, Milo and Jack try their best to save Jane from herself essentially. And all the hungry vampires in the near vicinity. With a little help from some new friends, and some old appearances, things should take a turn. But will it be for the worst? I feel like this book is just a never ending hot, yummy and very delectable vampire frenzy and am fanning myself as we speak from these latest installments. I love where it’s going and even where it’s already gone and I’m so ready to see what else is in store for Jack and Alice and their ever growing vampire family. Next up is reading tunes for this point in the book, and it’ll definitely be something to enjoy. So stay tuned, get hyped and as always, happy reading. -Caroline

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