Reading Update: Prisoner of Darkness: Where I’m at and How I feel about it!

“I’m Listening,” Kaelem said. The fates cocked their heads in unison, like crows perched on a fence. “Trouble bubbles for the fae world. A power long undiscovered, awaits for those brave enough to search. But only two parts of a whole and one part of another can free it from its chamber. That is the key.”

Prisoner of Darkness Chapter 1 by Nissa Leder

Oh my okay guys so this book is definitely about to get interesting even from the very beginning. I’ve just reached chapter 2 and in chapter 1 we find out that Kaelem the Unseelie King has revealed to Raith that Scarlett is both Unseelie and Seelie making her extremely rare and a potentially very dangerous situation. Raith makes a deal with Kaelem that in exchange for information about his mother, Raith will tell Kaelem Scarlett’s location so he can in return, bring her back to the Fae world and the Unseelie court and teach her how to use her newfound fae powers. But anything from Kaelem comes with a price. So far, this book is very enjoyable, entertaining and downright addictive. It does have a lot of dark elements in it but it’s a good kind of darkness I think in my opinion anyway. I’m eating it up like toast and I can’t wait to see where it goes next. So, stay tuned and get hyped and as always, happy reading.

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