Dream Cast Post: UnEarthly Series: Who I’d Cast

Hey there guys it’s time yet another Dream Cast post and it’s coming at ya right now! So there are several important roles in this series but the most important ones would be the main character and her love interest/partners which would be Clara and Christian and later on, Tucker. And then there’s more minor characters like her best friends, Angela and Wendy and her little brother Jeffrey. So it’s quite a lot to cast but the main love pair in the book is Clara and Tucker and I’d cast Evan Peters as Tucker and Taissa Farminga as Clara. I know, I know. This is like AHS all over again right? No. I just think they would make a great pair with the characters personalities of this book. The other characters are also pictured above but are kinda more random based off their looks and not just my personal taste. So, that’s who I’d cast and why. Personal preference and who I’d like to see as Clara and Tucker are just my own thoughts I suppose. But yes, they’d work well together. Hopefully this works well for you guys too. Next up, general Aesthetics post for this series. So, get ready get hyped and happy reading. -Caroline

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