Reading Update: I Love You So Mochi: Where I’m at and how I’m Feeling about it

He loves everything about Mochi-the craft of making it, the taste. The process that goes into it. The way it brings people joy. It all gives him so much life. I want to be around people who feel things that way. Who run toward their passions with so much commitment

Akira in Chapter 7 of I Love You So Mochi by Sarah Kuhn

Guys I’m about 30% done with this book and it’s one of the most adorable and fab things ever! I love it so Mochi. Haha Yup. My love for Mochi is now translated into a book about a teen romance apparently and I’m loving every minute of it. Kimi is now in Japan and meets Akira who’s the nephew of the local Mochi maker and they instantly form a connection. Could it be love? I hope so. It’s just too cute to not have it be so. But Kimi is trying desperately to figure out what she wants to do with her life after she graduates high school. Should she go with the path that her mother has set for her as a top rated artist or should she follow her heart even if it leads her to designing her own custom clothing line? She’s not sure and I’m not sure which she’ll choose but with the help of Akira, her grandparents and her friends she should be able to figure it out soon. And I look forward to every Mochi moment of it. Next up will be an update for The Van Allen Legacy which is book 4 in the Blue Bloods Series. So get ready, get hyped and as always, happy reading. -Caroline

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