Reading Update: The Van Allen Legacy Book 4 of the Blue Bloods Series: Where I’m At and how I’m Feeling about it

Her grandfather’s Conduit advised her to leave the country as soon as possible. He had read the transcript of the investigation. “You cannot take chances. No one knows what will happen tomorrow. It is better that you go now and disappear before they can renounce you as a traitor.”

Anderson in Chapter 9 of The Van Alen Legacy Book 4 of the Blue Bloods Series

After most of the conclave was destroyed in the Silver Blood attack where Schuyler lost her grandfather, Schuyler was framed wrongly for the death of her grandfather and had to go on the run around the world for a year hiding with Oliver. Oliver and Schuyler have definitely bonded more as has Jack and Mimi. Schuyler is trying to appeal to the European conclave of vampires in order to get pardoned so she and Oliver can go home to New York. Basically, it’s mystery as to who unleashed the Silver Bloods and betrayed the New York conclave but it’s definitely not Schuyler. So it’s a race right now to prove Schuyler’s innocence and I’m eager to see what the European conclave says and if she and Oliver can return to New York. I’m about 16% done with the book so far and it’s incredibly exciting . I’m curious to see how Jack and Mimi react to Schuyler if she does return and whether or not they’ll go through with their bonding ceremony. But until then, next up is an update on Prisoner of Darkness which is book 2 in the Whims of Fae series. So stay tuned, get hyped and as always, happy reading.

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