Reading Update: Wisdom Book 4 of the My Blood Approves Series: Where I’m at and How I’m feeling about it

Guys so to start off, I couldn’t find a good quote for this update so this will have to do for now. I’m on chapter 5, like halfway through the chapter and if you guys remember, Jane’s dead. Alice and Milo are at the funeral and all hell breaks loose. Milo and Alice see their mom for the first time since they’ve turned. It’s sad. Leif the kinda sorta unhinges vampire that was like a feral lycan from the lycan pack that they defeated who also helped save them is staying at their house. Ezra’s a mess cause Peter and Mae have taken Mae’s great grand daughter Daisy who’s five and turned her into a vampire after finding out she had cancer. It’s a mess guys. This book is a huge hot mess but it’s a good one. I now distinctly remember why I disliked this book and the last book in this series. The grief and sadness and angst are overwhelming and it’s hard to take in. It’s a hard read. I’m having trouble sticking with it because of that. And I’m not sure now is the best time in the world to continue with a story filled with this much grief so I’ll have to really sit down and think about whether I put this one to the side for a bit and start something else that’s lighter or just power through it. Until then though, that’s how I feel for now. I’d rate this like a solid 3.5/5 stars on the good reads scale so far. It’s complicated and I love it but I hate it at the same time. So yeah, until next time, stay hyped and happy reading. -Caroline

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