One and Done Side Book Readathon: The Porcupine of Truth

So this book I’m gonna one and done today because that’s exactly how long it’ll take me to finish it. One day. It’s not short by any means but it’s not terribly long either. This book you would think by looking at it that it’s a cutesy book and then you realize nope. Definitely not a cutesy book. It’s a very good book so far but it’s a tough read at a lot of points because of the honest content about the main characters dad dying if alcoholism and the other main character coming from an equally dark life. The road trip they go on sounds interesting. But I’m skeptical. It’s a dark subject they’re talking about here and it’s one that’s a reality that needs to be talked about but in other words I’m going to spend tonight reading all out cutesy fairytale retellings to cleanse my palette after this. Like I said, good book. Tough read. You wanna cry to a book? This will do it. 5/5 stars on the good reads scale too for right now. We’ll see if that changes. Until then, hope you liked the surprise Readathon update. I’ll keep updating as the day goes on as well as updating the rest of the series or as many as I can get done today. So get ready, get hyped and as always, happy reading. -Caroline

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caroline kernan-arvay

30 year old book blogger/ARC reviewer. Can find me on Tumblr, Pinterest, We Heart It, Instagram, GoodReads.

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