Change of Plans for next year:Throwback series time

Hey guys! It’s me. I know. It’s been a long time since we last talked but here I am. So, in some of my last posts, I mentioned how I was going to school again to pursue a degree in professional writing, and become an author one day. Well, turns out, college where I was, (the area that I was in) didn’t quite work for me, I had a ton of obstacles, etc. So, what I ended up doing was leaving community college, and began writing my own novel series. (It’s a really, really rough draft of like a first chapter at the moment yet I’m still very proud of it). I fully believe I still have it in me to become a published author no matter what. And also, I wanted to mention that because of some budgeting issues, I will not be doing Thriftbook orders as often as I used to, but I will be picking up some ARC Reviews to do for the blog over the next few months. (Assuming NetGalley still wants me lol) There will still be a lot of reviews on this blog, aesthetics posts will come too, and so will reading tunes and etc. I’ve had a lot happen recently, so I haven’t been doing so well with my blogging as I’d like, but I do promise it will get better with time. So, what might you ask, is going to be something that I review coming up on the blog? Like I said, I’ve had a ton happen since I last blogged, so I think I’m gonna go back to an old favorite series. One of our favorite series here on this blog. The Selection Series. That’s right folks. I am doing it again. A complete read through of the Selection Series right here on the blog, and it’ll be happening all the way taking us into the new year. The next series will be The Luxe Series, followed by The Divergent Series and also the Maze Runner Series. Again, I want to remind you guys that all of my kindle books were recently lost in a digital accident, so I can’t continue exactly where I left off with my other reviews of series at this time. All I have with me right now is a limited number of hard copies that are special to me. So, we’ll make it work. Assuming that I’m still wanted as a reviewer on NetGalley, there will be some of those too. So get ready, get hyped, and let’s throwback to….The Selection Series!

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caroline kernan-arvay

30 year old book blogger/ARC reviewer. Can find me on Tumblr, Pinterest, We Heart It, Instagram, GoodReads.

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