Reasons Why I Love What I Do! And Other Notes From What Was A Bad Day, Made Better Through My Love Of Books!

Folks! I just wanted to tell you about an experience I had today. Today, by all accounts, was a terrible day for me. Tons of drama going on, not enough reading, self care etc. But then I went to my towns tiny little mall with my husband, specifically to Barnes and Noble and had a chance encounter that just made my day and what I do so worth it. I was browsing the YA novels section, and commented about a book I had reviewed just last night on here. A young teenage Barnes and Noble employee happened to overhear me and we struck up a conversation. I told her I ran a book review blog, and that I tend to get to read books before they’re released officially to the public. She was quiet a moment and then whispered, “I’m a closet gay teen. Do you have any recommendations on any good books with that type of stuff in it coming out lately?” Now, the area I live in is extremely rural and conservative so o knew that this wasn’t just a casual thing for her to admit. It took guts. And it just so happened that I had reviewed one of her fav authors new books last night on the blog! I babbled for like 10 mins to her about the new book and how great it’s gonna be and how it’s gonna be everything she was looking for and then some. And I asked her if she wanted to see a sneak peek of the cover art, and her smile, and the light that shone in her eyes, THAT is one of the reasons I love doing this. I love reviewing books. I love making people happy. No, I don’t get paid for this. But that right there, definitely made it worth it. I made her day, and she definitely made mine. Books save lives. Books give us hope. That’s why I do what I do. -Caroline

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caroline kernan-arvay

30 year old book blogger/ARC reviewer. Can find me on Tumblr, Pinterest, We Heart It, Instagram, GoodReads.

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