What Does It Mean To Be An Asexual Book Reviewer, And A New Recommendation Series Soon To Be Featured On The Blog!

Hey folks! So what I’ve realized, thus far is that I’ve come out to my friends and family (and you all) on the blog as Asexual, yet I haven’t really explained what that means for me as a Book Reviewer, and also an idea that I cane up with for a feature on the blog. What does being an Asexual Book Reviewer mean to me? Well, in the part where I was struggling hard with figuring out my sexuality, and also just who I was as an individual in general, I used to rely heavily on reviewing smut romance novels and also writing tons of smut romance fanfics. So, some of you may ask, “how did you know you were Asexual, then?”. Well, this is why. Ever since I was a small child, the idea of sex and being far more mature than my childhood age should’ve been due to lots of abuse and instability that I experienced, has made me especially sensitive to sexual content in any way, shape or form. For years I felt like I had to engage in pretending to like sexual content in books, movies etc. because I feared I was abnormal or weird for not being “like everyone else.” It was only recently, when I reached my 30s that I realized….No. I have never really been comfortable with it. Reading it. Seeing it. Etc. You get the idea. I had been forcing myself to pretend I liked it, in order to distract myself from what I had been through, suffered through and was forever changed by. So what does this mean for me as a Book Reviewer? It means that books that I’ll be featuring on the blog will have less sexual content, and more plot/story focus. I love a good romance novel, but smut, especially heavy stuff, is basically a no go for me. So, more clean romance or very little smut action. And, in honor of coming out as Asexual I’ve decided to do a couple of blog post series about my personal favorite recommendations that make me happy as an Asexual person, and just a human being in general. I hope that these recommendations can help others like me, and inspire you to find happiness no matter what. So, look for those to come soon. And until then, happy reading. -Caroline

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caroline kernan-arvay

30 year old book blogger/ARC reviewer. Can find me on Tumblr, Pinterest, We Heart It, Instagram, GoodReads.

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