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New Review: The Merciless #1

This book is entirely captivating, spooky, stunning, edgy, scary and above all beautiful. Filled with wisdom and the horrors of joining the wrong crowd. I love that Danielle Vega writes whatever the heck she feels like no matter how gory it is. Beautiful, witchy, supernatural new heart pounding , hyper adventure. New creepy cult classic. Final verdict: 5 stars 

New Book Review: Grace by Jennifer Hanks

So I recently reviewed this book as an ARC reviewer and I found it pretty amazing. It’s a beautiful love story that starts off a bit slow burn but I mean I can take a slow burn love story every now and then. I would say that I’m more of an insta-romance kind of girl but slow burns have their place in the world of literature. And can we talk about that beauty of a cover?! I love her dress. It’s freakin amazing. The book’s really well written and I found that it was really enjoyable. All in all I’d give it about 4/5 stars.

Review: Saint Anything

So, I recently read this and I found it terribly upsetting and depressing. I was drawn to the cover but when I read the actual story, it was hard to say the least. As someone who is a trauma survivor, this book right out of the gate made it hard to get through because of the triggers and I wished that they hadn’t been there so I could’ve finished it. All in all, I’d give it 3/5 stars. Maybe it’ll be great for someone else but not me.