New Look on the Blog! Updates, Updates, Updates!

Hey guys! Just wanted to let you know that this is now a website blog instead of just a “whatever” blog. This is going to be my full time endeavor and I’m so excited to share my love of books and creativity with you. As you may notice, we’ve got a new site map menu up above and that will lead you to the blog posts. We’ve got some welcome pages and whatnot. And please, follow if you can. I like to do follow backs as well if I like what I see. So get ready, get set, get hyped! And welcome to the brand new WildFlower Book Blog! -Caroline

Dream Cast Post: The Selected Boys

Hey guys it’s me. Here with another The Heir Dream Cast Post. This time, it’s all about The Selected boys in Eadlyn’s Selection and I’ve picked my favs to highlight briefly for ya. So here we go.

The Selected Boys!
  • Kile: Kile is a major part of the Selection for Eadlyn because he’s Marlee and Carters son and already lives at the castle, kinda giving him an edge over the others in some ways. He’s the closest thing to a male friend that Eadlyn has besides her brothers even though she doesn’t really consider him a friend and hates his guts. (He’s also the first one she kisses too. And she liked it!) We’ll see how he fares for the rest of the competition but I think he’s truly one of the strongest maybes there is .
  • Hale: Hale is kinda like Elise or Natalie in Maxons Selection. He’s polite, cute enough. But mainly a background character for the most part. He kinda has his time to shine right now in the beginning but we’ll see how he fares against the others.
  • Ean: Ean is an overly confident ass but Eadlyns eating him up like toast so I guess he’s alright for now. He’s what Eadlyn thinks she should have but we’ll see about that.
  • Henri: Ah, my favorite. Be still my ever fluttering 20 something heart. Henri, he’s Swedish. He can’t speak a wink of English and well he’s just plain gorgeous. Yes please. I’ll have him on toast please. Enough said.
  • Erik: Ah as you might have noticed, Erik is technically not a Selected but is Henri’s translator but…well spoiler alert he’s in the running too. Sorry had to do it. He’s equally as gorgeous and speaks English. Cool beans am I right? Right. He’ll be a big player later. Just you wait and see.

And that’s our Selected boys for now. We’ll see how it goes as the competition heats up. Seeing as how Eadlyn dropped 11 of the boys like hot cakes on the first day, well…let’s just say the competition and my girl Eadlyn is FIERCE. Until next time, happy reading. -Caroline