What Does It Mean To Be An Asexual Book Reviewer, And A New Recommendation Series Soon To Be Featured On The Blog!

Hey folks! So what I’ve realized, thus far is that I’ve come out to my friends and family (and you all) on the blog as Asexual, yet I haven’t really explained what that means for me as a Book Reviewer, and also an idea that I cane up with for a feature on the blog. What does being an Asexual Book Reviewer mean to me? Well, in the part where I was struggling hard with figuring out my sexuality, and also just who I was as an individual in general, I used to rely heavily on reviewing smut romance novels and also writing tons of smut romance fanfics. So, some of you may ask, “how did you know you were Asexual, then?”. Well, this is why. Ever since I was a small child, the idea of sex and being far more mature than my childhood age should’ve been due to lots of abuse and instability that I experienced, has made me especially sensitive to sexual content in any way, shape or form. For years I felt like I had to engage in pretending to like sexual content in books, movies etc. because I feared I was abnormal or weird for not being “like everyone else.” It was only recently, when I reached my 30s that I realized….No. I have never really been comfortable with it. Reading it. Seeing it. Etc. You get the idea. I had been forcing myself to pretend I liked it, in order to distract myself from what I had been through, suffered through and was forever changed by. So what does this mean for me as a Book Reviewer? It means that books that I’ll be featuring on the blog will have less sexual content, and more plot/story focus. I love a good romance novel, but smut, especially heavy stuff, is basically a no go for me. So, more clean romance or very little smut action. And, in honor of coming out as Asexual I’ve decided to do a couple of blog post series about my personal favorite recommendations that make me happy as an Asexual person, and just a human being in general. I hope that these recommendations can help others like me, and inspire you to find happiness no matter what. So, look for those to come soon. And until then, happy reading. -Caroline

Reasons Why I Love What I Do! And Other Notes From What Was A Bad Day, Made Better Through My Love Of Books!

Folks! I just wanted to tell you about an experience I had today. Today, by all accounts, was a terrible day for me. Tons of drama going on, not enough reading, self care etc. But then I went to my towns tiny little mall with my husband, specifically to Barnes and Noble and had a chance encounter that just made my day and what I do so worth it. I was browsing the YA novels section, and commented about a book I had reviewed just last night on here. A young teenage Barnes and Noble employee happened to overhear me and we struck up a conversation. I told her I ran a book review blog, and that I tend to get to read books before they’re released officially to the public. She was quiet a moment and then whispered, “I’m a closet gay teen. Do you have any recommendations on any good books with that type of stuff in it coming out lately?” Now, the area I live in is extremely rural and conservative so o knew that this wasn’t just a casual thing for her to admit. It took guts. And it just so happened that I had reviewed one of her fav authors new books last night on the blog! I babbled for like 10 mins to her about the new book and how great it’s gonna be and how it’s gonna be everything she was looking for and then some. And I asked her if she wanted to see a sneak peek of the cover art, and her smile, and the light that shone in her eyes, THAT is one of the reasons I love doing this. I love reviewing books. I love making people happy. No, I don’t get paid for this. But that right there, definitely made it worth it. I made her day, and she definitely made mine. Books save lives. Books give us hope. That’s why I do what I do. -Caroline

Late Night Manga Hauls!

So yes! There was yet another late night manga haul of all really kinda older, more obscure manga series. I regret nothing. I am a manga/anime nerd/bibliophile and this is way as the Mandalorian would say. I’m building up my really classic, old manga series collection that I had when I was a lot younger. Still so much worth it to read these though. ThriftBooks is great for this type of stuff. Especially for companies who are no longer publishing in the U.S. It’s a really nice resource to find old nostalgic stuff. Fully intend to build up my library until there’s absolutely no more space on any of my bookshelves. But….There’s always more creative storage solutions for books. I think doing a post on creative storage solutions for books is definitely in the near future on here. So, with that said, are you guys manga readers? If so, what was your fav growing up and now? Did you change genres of manga subjects over time or discovered new ones that you now love? Lemme know. And until then, happy reading. -Caroline

So, What Do You Do When You Find Your Fav Comics Series on ThriftBooks????

Order them all obviously. That’s the most logical solution guys. And let me tell ya this. It’s gonna be great when I have the whole collection here just to read and make me laugh all day long. Here’s the gist of what I got.

And that, my friends is what we call a great Thriftbooks Ultimate Haul! Thrifting books has definitely been one of the best decisions I’ve made thus far and I’m so excited to see what else will pop up on Thriftbooks for me to discover and enjoy. P.S. This series is amazing and it’s off the wall funny. It turns that frown upside down for sure. So, with that said, get excited, get hyped, and as always, happy reading!-Caroline

Thriftbooks Haul: What Do You Need to Get When Having a Bad Day/In Need Of the Funnies etc Post!

Photo by Oleksandr Sapaiev on Pexels.com

Hey guys. So I’m having a bad day. I think it’s just a bad mental health day. As someone who struggles with a rare form of schizophrenia on a daily basis, it definitely is like that sometimes. So, what are my Thriftbooks recommendations for funny/comics/etc.? Well, there’s always my number 1 go to: Pearls Before Swine by Stephan Pastis! So what did I end up doing when I had a bad day today? Ordered several under five bucks old Stephan Pastis Pearl’s Before Swine Comics Treasuries. Some of my favs were able to be found at such a reasonable price that I know for a fact that my Pearls Before Swine, Snoopy/Peanuts/Zits and Garfield collection of comic treasuries is sure to grow in a timely manner. Pearls Before Swine has seen me through many different points in my life and I would definitely say, for this day and age, it is one of the best comic treasuries out there. Originally, it was in the Saturday/Sunday comic strips in the paper here in the U.S., and then I think he just has his treasuries and his twitter account now. I’m not entirely sure. But his treasuries live on and on and on!

These treasuries of comics are so so funny and offensive in so many ways, that it’s just the thing to make me smile right now. So, I look forward to when they arrive and highly recommend them for anyone who just needs a case of the funnies right now. Next up, will probably be my Chicken Soup for the College Soul Intro Post. I was working on it earlier. But I felt like this one needed to come first. Cause, ya know. Comics. Ha. Anyways, until next time, get excited, get hyped, and as always, happy reading!-Caroline