Reading Update: The Meg Book one in The Meg Series by Steve Alten: Intro and How I feel about it currently!

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“Way down in the coldest,darkest, most frightening depths of the ocean, an ancient creature deadlier than any our modern world has encountered, begins to stir. First, you will notice her strange, almost beautiful glow. But be warned: If you see her glow-It’s already too late…” -The Meg by Steve Alten

From The Meg by Steve Alten

Good afternoon guys! So, recap on all bookish things happening this weekend. I started and finished Stephen King’s book Cujo in one night. (Last night!) And then I wrote a really long blog post about it afterwards. (Also last night!) And now, I am on to my next bookish adventure which is: The Meg! Which is Book One in The Meg Series by Steve Alten. And yes! They did recently make a movie adaption out of this book series based on kinda the first book. And yes! There is an entire book series that is entirely better and longer and way more detailed and well written than the movie version! I think right now the series is up to about Book Eight but I’m not entirely sure. I’m almost halfway through the first book, called The Meg and I’ve enjoyed it so much, I’m probably going to end up finishing this one tonight as well. So, two books will most likely be finished in less than 24 hrs for me. Woo! Huzzah for being a Bibliophile! So, in case you’re new to what this series is about, lemme give you a short and sweet summary. The Meg Series is of the Deep Sea Horror sub genre and it is a series about a prehistoric mega shark has somehow survived for thousands of years down in the Mariana Trench, at the bottom of the ocean due to a weird tropical water current that lays on the very bottom apparently. ( I don’t know. Science. Just roll with it okay?) So, apparently what the premise is, is that an earthquake or some type of really deep underwater rock disturbance in the Trench has caused this mega prehistoric shark to somehow be able to survive and journey to the regular ocean waters above which happens to lie somewhere in the Pacific Ocean, I think near Japan. (I just dropped Geology 101 as a class this semester. Trust me, I’m not great at this.) So, mega prehistoric shark goes on rampage in regular ocean waters, it’s like the prehistoric version kinda of the Jaws movie but set closer to Japan. And yes, for all you sci fi fans out there, there is tons and tons of scientific stuff in here for you. That’s what the whole book is, basically. Now, with that being said, the theories, data and scenario of this book are entirely fictional and there isn’t a way for this to actually happen. So, no. Next time you’re in the ocean, you’re definitely not going to get eaten by a Meg. Great White? Maybe. But not a Meg. It’s a really fast paced adventure/horror series so far and I’m entirely hooked on it. I loved it. It’s very well written, even if the whole science thing with the prehistoric shark coming back somehow is completely unrealistic. But that’s what we love about books, right? The escapism of being able to say “this isn’t real but oh my goodness if it was that would be terrifying”. Sharks/Oceans/Big Bodies of Water or you know what, we’ll even just say Bodies of Water in general are a major phobia of mine so I tend to stay far away from that sort of thing. But oddly enough, I find myself mesmerized by this book about a gigantic really old shark that just happens to “jaws-ing”, (yes, it’s gonna be a word now) it up, all over the Pacific Ocean and creating terror and havoc for everyone. This is one of those situations where I’ve definitely stepped out of my comfort zone and stepped into a sub genre that I’m not familiar with, but am now thoroughly loving. I am just about halfway through the book now and I’m going to give it a 9/10 for me in terms of book review ratings thus far. It’s really good, guys. I know it sounds weird. And yes, it is weird but it’s totally worth a read. So, next up on the agenda will probably either be a Thriftbook Hauls update or the finishing up post to The Meg and my final book review rating for book one of this series. So, with that said, get hyped, get excited, and as always, happy reading.-Caroline

How I kicked off my bookish weekend: The story of how I stayed up all night and finished Cujo in one sitting, what my final thoughts/ratings are on it etc.

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“It would perhaps not be amiss to point out that he had always tried to be a good dog. He had tried to do all the things his Man and his Woman, and most of all his Boy had asked or expected of him. He would have died for them, if that had been required. He had never wanted to kill anybody. He had been struck by something, possibly destiny or fate, or only a degenerative nerve disease called rabies. Free will was not a factor.” -Cujo’s last thoughts

(Excerpt from Cujo by Stephen King on page 303)

Alright, so let me recap my night for you guys. I tried to just read a few pages of Cujo and apparently just couldn’t stop. The book was good. Not as good as I think some of Stephen King’s other books have and will be but it was still…horror in it’s own way. Things that really bothered me about this book, is that it definitely is disturbing, much more disturbing than the movie. The movie, the dog kills everyone on a rampage and then dies. In the book though, Stephen King has given a voice to Cujo. An inner thought process that humanizes him more and makes it really heart wrenching in the end when he finally is released of the disease but also dies in the process. Yes, I know. Total spoilers. But that’s a given right, dog has rabies usually means that it’s going to die at some point. The death of Cujo wasn’t what got me though. It was his final thoughts. His wish that he could’ve done better in the world, and the final words “Free will was not a factor”. (Cujo in Stephen King’s book Cujo pg. 303) It gave the dog a soul that he didn’t necessarily have in the movie and that really kind of as a dog lover and dog owner myself didn’t expect, and also was completely caught off guard by. In the movie, it’s just a horror flick about a rabid dog terrorizing a small town. In the books, there’s so much more intricate details and complexity to it. Such as but not limited to: the heartbreaking extramarital affairs that went on, the detailed descriptions of domestic violence at it’s worst and also the detailed accounts of various character’s struggles through severe depression and then just apathy in general. It makes you feel something. And yeah, I did cry about it afterwards. Like I said, I finished in it one sitting, and also it has kept me up all night thinking about it. Thinking about the underlying themes, messages that Stephen King portrays in this novel. It makes you think a whole lot. And now that I’m in college working towards my own Creative Writing major in hopes of becoming a better author myself, I find it weird and kind of surreal that my schooling that I’ve had over the past few weeks has now definitely effected how I look at and analyze pieces of literature. No matter what kind it is. It’s made me think deeper about plot line, the cause and effects process and really just digesting the writer’s writing process as a whole not just as reader now, but as an author myself. I would still say I’d rate this book about a 5/10 for me. It was good. But I think there are better, kind of faster paced books of Stephen King’s out there and I look forward to reading them. Next up, I think we’re gonna continue with the horror theme and I’m going to be starting Book One of The Meg Series by Steve Alten. I peeked in it a couple of pages and it really has hooked me so far. Hook, line and sinker. So, keep a lookout for the post that intro my journey into The Meg Series and more daily updates to come. Until then though, I hope you’re getting more sleep than I am tonight. And happy reading.-Caroline

Reading Updates: My current update for Cujo!

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Alright guys I know it’s like my third blog post today, but I figured you’d like an update for Cujo which I’m currently in the middle of reading. And kind of digesting, mulling over and trying to consider every aspect of at the same time. The plot of Stephen King’s Cujo is that a really, really big usually teddybear of a dog gets bitten by a rabid bat and then turns rabid and basically it’s a horror book about the dog running rabid killing people in a small town. Now, like I said, I saw the movie. I’m now reading the book for the first time. Also, this is my very first Stephen King book that I’m actually reading so I’m not entirely sure what to expect. But here’s the gist of what I’ve got already. It’s creepy how Cujo (the dog) has thoughts before and after being rabid. It makes him more personable and that’s creepy and horrific at the same time. Lots of foreshadowing happening right now. Cujo’s been bitten and is currently still pre rabid I believe. I’ve gotten a few pages farther than I was before and I’ll say this: I’m a little bored with the lack of action and horror so far, and I hate that it just kinda drones on about an ad agency two guys in the town run. I’m sure this is some type of significant piece of information, but to me, the way it looks is like some random arc and it’s really rather tedious to get through. I’m hoping that more action, like Cujo actually being rabid and running a muck in the town will happen sooner rather than later. I think I gave this book when I started it about a 6-7 out of 10. It’s still a good book. I can see why people like Stephen King’s writing, but at the same time, I’m also thinking this may be his own way of building up suspense for what’s really going to happen when the action finally takes off. For now though my rating’s dropped down to a 5/10 currently for this book while I’m in the process of reading it. Plot arcs are many in this book and I’m trying to figure out when I’ll actually get to be scared more of the rabid dog horror stuff than the horror of a boring ad agency type convo for a couple of pages that I feel goes on wayyyyy too long. So, that’s what I’m going with for now. 5/10. I’ll post another update when I get further and more things happen. But until then, get hyped, get excited and as always, happy reading. -Caroline

AHHHHHH!!! I have Literati Reward Status on Thriftbooks and the details on the under 5 dollar book that I got for free!

Flexing the Literati Rewards Status like:

Oh geez guys…I made Literati Tier Rewards for Thriftbooks WAY sooner than I thought! And I am SOOOOO Excited! This is probably gonna be one of my shorter posts because there are books waiting to be read at this very moment and I must answer their siren call! But yeah. I wanted you all to know. Literati status in book thrifting. I feel special. I have to say, that Thriftbooks rewards tiers and statuses are way better than any other book buying site I think I’ve ever used in my life and it’s addicting. Really addicting. Also, I’m pretty sure you guys are gonna wanna know what under 5 dollar book I chose to get for FREE from Thriftbooks, so without further adieu, here it is!

Why yes, if you guessed that that is Chicken Soup for the Soul: Here Comes the Bride Version than yes, you are absolutely correct it is! And that’s not to be confused with the Chicken Soup for the Bride’s Soul Version which is not the same book. I repeat, not the same book. Same subject matter though. I’m currently working to build up my Chicken Soup for the Soul library because…Have you seen the times we’re in lately? I think it’s more than needed to have some happy/good feeling books around right now. And, yes. I realize I am already married. But, I didn’t get to have an actual wedding and it’s kind of one of those things I’ve always dreamed about so, I’m more than a little still obsessed with bridal stuff, wedding stuff etc. It’s one of my fav subjects to read about honestly. I think 20 years from now I’ll still be a bridal romance genre lover/fan. Who knows? Maybe one day I’ll even write my own bridal romance genre series. So, with all that said, and revealed and shouted in caps because OMG FREE BOOK ALERT…Until next post, get hyped, get excited and as always, happy reading. -Caroline

More Thriftbooks that Came Today via Mail and What Else is on my List that will be Arriving Soon!

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Good afternoon guys! So, as I said earlier, I would be ordering more Thriftbooks to help restore my somewhat sanity over time. Also, yesterday I mentioned that some were supposed to be arriving today and I’ll drop a photo of the ones that indeed came actually today instead of yesterday because only one arrived yesterday and that was the Mass Effect: Ascension book. (Really great series by the way!) I’ll drop a picture below of the ones that arrived today actually like, half an hour ago by mail and yes I am so overly excited I don’t know what to do with myself. And yes, I am actually tempted to jump around from book to book trying to multitask in my reading because there are so many good options to choose from. It’s like a buffet for your mind, guys. It’s just that good and tempting. Too many books is never a problem. And you can never be too well read or educated as they say. Also, the list of the books that I have on order on Thriftbooks that I placed today, is as follows:

  • Disneystrology: What Your Birthday Character Says About You
  • Colorstrology: What Your Birthday Color Says About You
  • Vera Wang on Weddings
  • Lakeside Cottage by Susan Wiggs
  • The entire novella series of A Year of Weddings by Betsy St. Amant, Denise Hunter, and Deborah Raney
  • Haunted: Book One in the Harrison Investigation Series by Heather Graham

I am frequent shopper on Thriftbooks and I do use coupons and keep my orders all mainly under 10 dollars or less at any given time. There are some exceptions here and there but for the most part that’s what I stick to. I’m still at the rewards level Reader on the ReaderRewards for Thriftbooks and hoping to in a couple months from now earn the rewards level of Literati. Although, more good news about today’s order: I earned a free book from Thriftbooks!!!!! YES!!!! Oh my gosh but now the problem comes in like the problem everyone has at a buffet. So many good books. But only ONE book can I choose from the entire site under 5 bucks for FREE! OMG. It’s like heaven on earth people. Like I said, buffet for the mind. It’s gonna be a really hard decision I think for me because I’ve got a pretty long, detailed, organized and categorized wishlist on Thriftbooks and I’m gonna have to decide what ONE book it’ll be! Ugh. Tough decisions, right? I’ll let you guys know what book I chose next post. It’s probably going to be an obscure title, much like the rest of them that is some wacky edition and is only of interest to me, but you know, that’s the way it goes. And yes, it will be reviewed like every single other slightly random books that I’ll be getting from Thriftbooks. Book Thrifting and Book Reviews. Yeah, that’s what we’re gonna be focusing on. And of course, Aesthetic Posts, Music Playlists inspired by my Reading Journey’s etc. etc. And all the usual stuff that we do on here. So get hyped, and get excited, and as always. Happy Reading!- Caroline

The Thriftbook pile that arrived at my doorstep today! Yay!

Reading and TBR Updates: Thriftbooks Hauls so far, my hate for the Goodreads app etc. etc.

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Oh gosh guys. It’s another one of those posts where I go: Where do I start? Let’s see..What shall we talk about first? My Goodreads app rant? Let’s start there. I am SO fed up with the Goodreads app/site etc. It’s annoying the heck out of me and I’ve just about had it with it. So, I am exploring other options when it comes to apps/sites etc. that will keep track of my massive TBR pile, my reading, etc. That’s gonna be it for Goodreads app/site rant for now. Next up on the agenda to talk about: What I Currently Reading! Which is Cujo by Stephen King. Remember the other day when I mentioned I’d be starting with that? Well, it was indeed the first book from one of my many Thriftbook orders to come so I did start it and I’d have to say I think I’m in between pages 24-25 right now so not very far but certainly I can say it’s off to a good start. It’s definitely different than the movie which is my only experience with Cujo in general. I have never actually read any Stephen King books before and I figured this was a great one to start with. My mom is obsessed with the movie and she said that the book is definitely different, but worth a read. So, I am agreeing with her with the fact it is worth the read but I do caution you because it’s really, really, different in the way that it’s more in depth with characterizations, POV of everything a.k.a the dog has an actual POV and thought process that is stated admist what is happening, and also there’s like a million little side story arcs in it that are rather confusing to follow at times because I’m not entirely sure yet how it relates back to the main plot. Since I am probably not going to be using Goodreads anymore, we’re gonna come up with a different scale system when I rate books for now. So, I think for now we’ll do from 1 being really bad to 10 being really worth a read etc. I would rate this book so far maybe a 6 or 7/10 for now. I know I haven’t gotten very far but it’s definitely picking up as I turn each page. I’ll post updates later on in the week on how I’m doing and how much further I’ve progressed into the plot and such. Next up, we’re going to talk about the really long list so far of books that I’ve ordered from Thriftbooks to keep my sanity in this really hard time for all of us. The list is as follows:

  • Chicken Soup for the Soul: Curvy and Confident by Amy Newmark, Supermodel Emme and Natasha Stoynoff
  • Bare Bones: Conversations on Terror with Stephen King by Stephen King
  • Dark Lover: A Novel of the Black Dagger Brotherhood by J.R. Ward
  • Disney’s Fairytale Weddings by David Tutera
  • Chicken Soup for the Bride’s Soul
  • Shoestrology: Find Your Birthday Shoe by Tali Edut and Ophira Edut
  • Chicken Soup for the Shopper’s Soul
  • Chicken Soup for the Writer’s Soul
  • Chicken Soup for the College Soul
  • I Am Pusheen The Cat exclusive Edition
  • Mass Effect: Ascension book 2 in the Mass Effect light novels series
  • The Meg: Book 1 in the Meg Series by Steve Alten
  • Mary Jane: Part of the Marvel Comics prose Series by Judith O’Brien
  • Pet Sematary by Stephen King
  • Cujo by Stephen King

Long list. I know. It’s part of my daily budget though that each week I get three Thriftbook orders under 10 bucks. It’s something I do to keep myself sane. Pet Sematary and Cujo arrived the other day in one package and today I received Mass Effect: Ascension in another package. So we’ll see what comes next. Still gonna be working my way through Cujo and then maybe wander over to the Mass Effect light novel series because I now have books one and two. I”m not really gonna try and multitask with my reading goals this Fall because I’m also in school at the same time. So, with that said, I am going to be just taking basically, one book at a time. One post at a time. One day at a time. In other news, school’s going pretty well. I’ve had some slight setbacks so far but I’m doing pretty good with it for the most part. Life is a little on the rocky side due to some more personal issues and situations. But, books keep me sane. This blog and you all keep me sane. So, yay. Now, until the next time, I hope you have a wonderful time reading whatever it is your reading, and I will post again soon. -Caroline