Happy Holidays Bookish Friends! Discussing what I got for Christmas, My new Goodreads Goal number for 2021 and More!

Hey there Bookish folks! Happy Holidays from my family to yours! My hubby ended up surprising me with the new book from Nora Roberts for Christmas of which I’ve already gotten through the prologue and part of the first chapter! It’s good. I don’t spoil it though. My GoodReads goal number for books that I was trying to read in 2020 was set low at 75 and as of today, I have made it to 70 thus far. This new year, my goal will be set at 201 books to be read and reviewed! One of my biggest goals is to read, review and blog more. Also I’d like to make progress on my own book series that I’m currently in the process of writing. Those are my main goals so far. Also I’d like to work on compiling that list of Asexual friendly books and blog them here. And as we enter this next year, one thing will be certain in these uncertain times for me. My love of books will always get me through. Until next time, happy reading-Caroline

Reasons Why I Love What I Do! And Other Notes From What Was A Bad Day, Made Better Through My Love Of Books!

Folks! I just wanted to tell you about an experience I had today. Today, by all accounts, was a terrible day for me. Tons of drama going on, not enough reading, self care etc. But then I went to my towns tiny little mall with my husband, specifically to Barnes and Noble and had a chance encounter that just made my day and what I do so worth it. I was browsing the YA novels section, and commented about a book I had reviewed just last night on here. A young teenage Barnes and Noble employee happened to overhear me and we struck up a conversation. I told her I ran a book review blog, and that I tend to get to read books before they’re released officially to the public. She was quiet a moment and then whispered, “I’m a closet gay teen. Do you have any recommendations on any good books with that type of stuff in it coming out lately?” Now, the area I live in is extremely rural and conservative so o knew that this wasn’t just a casual thing for her to admit. It took guts. And it just so happened that I had reviewed one of her fav authors new books last night on the blog! I babbled for like 10 mins to her about the new book and how great it’s gonna be and how it’s gonna be everything she was looking for and then some. And I asked her if she wanted to see a sneak peek of the cover art, and her smile, and the light that shone in her eyes, THAT is one of the reasons I love doing this. I love reviewing books. I love making people happy. No, I don’t get paid for this. But that right there, definitely made it worth it. I made her day, and she definitely made mine. Books save lives. Books give us hope. That’s why I do what I do. -Caroline

ARC Review: Pumpkin by Julie Murphy!

Yes! Yes! Yasss! This book folks is everything and then some! You will love it! Shoutout to the author who has yet again outdone themselves! Prom. Drag Queens. Small Town. It gives me LIFE! This is a definite 5/5 on the Goodreads scale, friends. You will not want to miss this! Great characters, solid plot, lots of Pride! This is how books need to be done. No spoilers here. But yass! This is everything! Seriously one of the top three best books I’ve reviewed this year! Y’all are in for a treat! So treat yourself! And make this a priority on your TBR! And with that, that’s all I got for now. Until next time, happy reading. -Caroline

Change of Plans for next year:Throwback series time

Hey guys! It’s me. I know. It’s been a long time since we last talked but here I am. So, in some of my last posts, I mentioned how I was going to school again to pursue a degree in professional writing, and become an author one day. Well, turns out, college where I was, (the area that I was in) didn’t quite work for me, I had a ton of obstacles, etc. So, what I ended up doing was leaving community college, and began writing my own novel series. (It’s a really, really rough draft of like a first chapter at the moment yet I’m still very proud of it). I fully believe I still have it in me to become a published author no matter what. And also, I wanted to mention that because of some budgeting issues, I will not be doing Thriftbook orders as often as I used to, but I will be picking up some ARC Reviews to do for the blog over the next few months. (Assuming NetGalley still wants me lol) There will still be a lot of reviews on this blog, aesthetics posts will come too, and so will reading tunes and etc. I’ve had a lot happen recently, so I haven’t been doing so well with my blogging as I’d like, but I do promise it will get better with time. So, what might you ask, is going to be something that I review coming up on the blog? Like I said, I’ve had a ton happen since I last blogged, so I think I’m gonna go back to an old favorite series. One of our favorite series here on this blog. The Selection Series. That’s right folks. I am doing it again. A complete read through of the Selection Series right here on the blog, and it’ll be happening all the way taking us into the new year. The next series will be The Luxe Series, followed by The Divergent Series and also the Maze Runner Series. Again, I want to remind you guys that all of my kindle books were recently lost in a digital accident, so I can’t continue exactly where I left off with my other reviews of series at this time. All I have with me right now is a limited number of hard copies that are special to me. So, we’ll make it work. Assuming that I’m still wanted as a reviewer on NetGalley, there will be some of those too. So get ready, get hyped, and let’s throwback to….The Selection Series!